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Women's Week in Provincetown,MA

It is recharging to live in a mainly LGBT town/community for a week. Starting from step 5 or 6, yeah, yeah, how boring, we are all LGBT, now let's move on and talk about something else; fresh bread from this bakery in Cambridge that delivers grade A bread every morning. Yes, tell me more about your all Queer art exhibit in that hotel during art Basel. What makes it easier to tow the Scamp?

See, when who you are or aren't sleeping with is out of the way, all these "important" things can be addressed.

Living here for a summer as a 19 yr old and then returning again as the marketed for demographic, the lesbian middle-class to upper-class, "see and be seen" or "drink till you do class." Women's Week, so we will leave the late October weekend weather to those hardy Dykes, while the white affluent males have played all summer, this is our time and it's going to feel special, damn it! 

The beach was incredible, it's now sand from 25 years of storms, not the hard pebble beaches of before, the gatherings of Herring Coves and the yells of "Ranger!" To protect the topless. 

We are at the campground close to town. I've started a morning routine of walking several miles with the dogs and getting coffee, seems normal enough? But as soon as we move, the routine will dissolve and I'll be calling up my control-freak self and having to explain, I tried, I really tried, I tried to be grounded, less mean, more relaxed, but now look it doesn't work, I shouldn't try that again soon.

We did exactly zero Women's Week events. We went to the beach, watched the sunrise, watched the sunset, walked the dogs, hung out at our campsite. 

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