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The first 20 days

Feeling accomplished that we made it through the first 20 days. We didn't fight although this is hardly a marker for anything since we don't fight. I did unfairly scold Mai for wrapping the cheese incorrectly. I had to address my control-freak-self and try to release it into the wild with all my desire to be perfect. Looking forward to more adventures.

1. Learned 20 different ways of making delicious soup for dinner

2. Hitch ball grease makes everything stop squeaking. 

3. Deleted the step counter app so I'll never know how far we walked.

4. Times I doubted everything I was doing, 1000... but did it anyway, 1000.

5. When tired enough, it's as easy to sleep in the quietest field as well as a busy Walmart parking lot.

6. Patience, patience, and more fucking patience.

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