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Surprise Nor'easter

Thursday night we were staying at Winter Island Park in Salem, MA. The harbor campgrounds and the whole North Coast were hit by a huge storm. We had up to 60mph gusts during the night. I stayed awake because of the roaring noise of the wind shaking the corrugated zinc panels on the old baracks behind the camper. I heard the trash barrels crashing through the lot. I was terrified and spent my time Googling "How much wind can a Scamp camper sustain?" The camper swayed back and forth as if we were at sea. The rain came up and in from under the door and below the window seams. In the morning the wind was still fierce. One of the boats in the harbor had crashed its mast through our neighbor's RV window, no one was hurt but it was a scary sight. Now we know that Buladean can survive that amount of wind undamaged. We were lucky that it was an unwooded area and that none of the flying barrels or unmoored boats came our way.

Photo by Mark Stevick

The mast breaking through the window in the RV.

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