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Storm King

Avid Louise Nevelson fans!"Nevelson's sculptures are about myth and mystery, and although she took motifs from the world around her, she stated that she identified with ideas "more than with nature." Although she was fascinated with the living quality of wood, in the 1960s she added plastics and Formica to her repertoire of media and in the 1970s began to create monumentally scaled pieces in aluminum and steel.

Perfect illumination of the yellow leaves and "Wall—Andy Goldsworthy’s first museum commission for permanent work in the United States and his largest single installation to date—exemplifies his nature-based methodology, which includes building this and other dry stone walls that draw on British agricultural tradition. Storm King Wall was originally imagined as a 750-foot-long dry stone wall snaking through the woods, but when it reached its planned endpoint, at the foot of a large oak tree, it seemed only natural to the artist for the wall to continue downhill to a nearby pond. Soon after the wall’s trajectory was extended again; it now emerges from the other side of the pond and continues uphill to Storm King’s western boundary at the New York State Thruway—totaling 2,278 feet overall."

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