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Regina's World's End Birthday

Around 4 on Friday evening we saw Regina and Dave. We were in the right place, but by now I had stopped worrying. Once I saw everyone I was relieved. I missed everyone so much. It would be perfect if I could meet up with friends every 20 days or more often. I feel such a tremendous sense of loss without my friends.  

Saturday was another most gorgeous autumn day so we went for a hike up the canyon ridge, what the experienced locals called an easy switchback trail, we were stopping every few minutes to catch our breath. Pepper Ann wasn't fazed a bit and raced up the hillside with Gus trailing along sniffing and peeing. 

It was very reassuring and warm being around everyone. Ate my first mountain pie and we sat by the fire until it started to rain very hard and we went back to the camper.

fallen leaves on the car window, Ganesha, widely revered as the remover of obstacles, gift from Meghan

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