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Painted Churches in Texas

"Hill Country, right in the heart of Texas, is marked by its rolling fields of bluebonnets, charming small towns, and unique culture. The German and Czech immigrants who settled Hill Country in the mid-19th century brought over as much of their Old World ways of life as possible. Bakeries serving traditional treats, cultural celebrations, and other things evoke the roots of the settlers are still apparent in Hill Country culture today. One totally unique way these immigrants brought over their homeland was through their painted churches .Some may look simple (and totally quaint) on the outside, but once you enter, you'll be floored by the incredibly ornate and lively decor within. Surprisingly bright colors, gold leaf, and rich detail are hallmarks of painted churches. The intent was to replicate the grand, elaborate Gothic churches in their homeland, but what they created wound up being so much more special. In a way, these churches are a metaphor for Hill Country's little hamlets; the best of the Old World and the New World, and pride in the past mixed with hope for the future." #paintedchurches,#goldleaf #immigrants #hillcountry #texas #Scamping #lifeontheroad #scamp #rvtravel #wanderlust #campingqueers #siteseeing #rvliving

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