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Packing up

So much grief in freedom. Packing up the top floor of our house to renovate it and rent it out, felt like a loss. It was difficult to go through all the clothes and get rid of so much. I got rid of art we had collected over the past 23 yrs, pieces that I loved. I paired down the walls of the collections of art. Society is mostly against this. Some of our friends protested for us to keep everything. We had just put in a beautiful functional kitchen for me to cook all the time, which I really enjoy. Now it will be a tiny two-burner stove and no counter space. Part of this is feeling ungrateful that I have had this beautiful kitchen and I have to let it go. Privileged that I could make a choice to leave my home and business and go on the road. I'm hoping to grow my collection of photos of art and nature. I didn't miss any of my house things when I was gone for that first trip. I know the artists that created each piece would be happy to see me off traveling and not hanging on to their artwork as an anchor. But, as a people pleaser, I want them to know I loved their art and didn't separate from it without sadness. It's a bigger issue I'm sure, letting go of objects and property, perceived wealth, and what has made you important and worth something to society.

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