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Get out the map! 

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

"Get out the map

Get out the map and lay your finger anywhere down

We'll leave the figurin' to those we pass on our way out of town."

October 11 2019

We rolled out of town with Buladean our Scamp camper and Mood our Subaru.

The way we usually make decisions, and how we started our journey:

1. Mai doesn't like sleeping in a tent and Erica enjoys 🏕️ camping, but both love traveling.

2. A year ago we bought a small Scamp camper and we called her Buladean, named after the mountain she's from.

3. Nine years is a long enough time to have a gallery and it made sense to us to move on to something else, scary but grateful we were able to take this opportunity.

4. Before our first trip in Buladean, we decide we will rent our our house in Lancaster and go on the road full-time.

5. After two months of closing the gallery we leave town for a short 20 day trip.

I hope you will enjoy following us around the country as we work on making and selling art and living in our camper with our two pups Pepper Ann and Gus van Scamp.

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