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Crane Castle

So you own a whole beach and a castle, well, very nice of you to let us in for $20. Just a day before it will be $10, offseason. Turns out to be a lovely beach.

We camped out in the parking lot after the long walk. The pups stayed in the camper, windows open and fan on, it was only a balmy 66. We went to the Crane Castle and the 21 buildings in this 1920's plumbing tycoon's estate. Wow! If Versailles' green lawns had dumped out into the sea! It's a magical concept from the house to the land of all that green lawn to the cold grey sea. 

They have temporary exhibits of modern sculpture which we really enjoyed. It's fun to play and get a different perspective.

Tunnel Teller

Alicja Kwade 2018

Berlin-based contemporary artist Alicja Kwade (b.1979, Poland) has long been engaged with value systems, philosophical questions about the essence of reality, and with attempting to examine, if not resolve, issues of inherently subjective concepts such as space and time. In her sculptures, as well as installations, photographs, and films, Kwade occupies herself with the structural properties of everyday objects and questioning the veracity of matter, revealing possibilities for alternate realities, while examining social agreements and supposed truths.

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