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An apple a day

Somewhere near Newburgh, NY we pull in for the night on a dark road behind a farmers market and drive on a dirt road into a 500-acre apple orchard. It's 6:45 but the sky is almost completely dark except for an orange glow on the horizon in every direction. It's cloudless and cold and there are a million stars out already. It's completely silent, I take that as a good sign and let Pepper Ann run loose through the trees, she needs to or she will never settle down after being in her crate all day from the long drive from Cape Cod. Gus just wants to sniff everything. We leave all the window covers off and enjoy the view from the camper. When I wake up in the middle of the night because Pepper Ann sees a deer or something is catching her interest outside the window, the tiniest sliver of a moon has risen over our heads and the horizon is starting to brighten. At 7am tractors and vans filled with workers are coming down the lane to start work. Pepper Ann, Gus and I head off in the opposite direction, she wants to play fetch with the fallen apples but winds up just eating them. 

I'm starting to feel too rigid and about what has to happen this morning, pack up, do laundry, buy groceries, visit Storm King Sculpture Park, drive 4hrs to our next campground. I'm ruining this beautiful morning for myself.

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