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Mai Orama Muñiz and Erica Millner's art utilizes a combination of precious metal and wood. Their bracelets and earrings have sculptural elements, such as a three-part bangle that features each of the three curving arches interlocking into a single smooth piece that has a sense of rotational power. Their geode-like necklace has a satisfying heft of shape, with each wooden “bead,” matte charcoal black, populated by dots of silver to break up monotony. The use of wood stems from their first craft fairs in Puerto Rico, where they began their career. 

In the Press

Modernism is a religion of logic and Millner and Orama are true believers. Their necklace made from ebony wood segments carved with geometric facets is an intellect-affirming triumph.

Doug MacCash,
The Times - Picayune

Local jewelry designers earn spot at prestigious Smithsonian show

Tom Knapp,

If design is more your thing, check out Mio Studio, where New York City transplants Mai Orama Muñiz and Erica Millner — whose sculptural, Calder-esque jewelry.

Raquel Laneri,

In The Press
zap orange
PRINT - Mio Studios Jewelry 12-1
PRINT - Mio Studios Jewelry 19
Cable wire necklace
Wooden birds
Ebony necklace
Jellyfish- Five Bubble Earrings

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